Launch of the Work Readiness Programme under the SG Plus Project

  • Private Sector Foundation Uganda

Private Sector Foundation through the SG Plus Project and Enabel Uganda as the implementing bodies have launched the Work Readiness Program (WRP) on 2nd March 2022 at Hotel Africana Kampala aimed at making Uganda’s business environment more conducive through the supply of qualified workers through equipping graduates with practical experience through attachments to jobs.

The SG Plus project is an initiative implemented by PSFU and Enabel Uganda and funded by the European Union with an aim of identifying and resolving bottlenecks in the private sector through skilling, attitude, governance, and anti-corruption project

The program seeks to equip recent graduates with adequate skills & competence which eventually can enhance the productivity of businesses targeting 1000 recent graduates who will undergo mentorship, coaching, and in-company learning to make them work-ready and gain placements in 250 companies from 4 priority sectors. Graduates under the scheme will be helped to develop their personal qualities and abilities such as; creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, initiative and self-direction, integrity, and work ethics.

Ruth Biyinzika Musoke PSFU Board Member and Head of the head of skills development facility stated that “We hope the companies will be able to retain and offer contracts to all the graduates for at least 1 year”

The launch of the initiative comprised of Information sessions where Fresh graduates in Kampala & surrounding areas had the opportunity of finding out more about our Work Readiness Programme & how to apply.

Application for the work readiness program is through the portal https://sgplusuganda.org. The deadline for application for the Work Readiness Programme is 31st March 2022 and is eligible for people who graduated after 2019.