Energy for Rural Transformation Project

The Government of Uganda (GOU) and World Bank approved Phase 3 of the ERT program and it commenced in April 2016. Phase 3 is a five year project and its development objective is to increase access to electricity in rural areas.

The project components include on grid and off-grid investments to enhance energy access. PSFU is contributing to the achievement of off grid energy access by providing business development support to activities that will;

1. Foster community-based schemes to expand access to the rural households through the construction of Six Pico /Micro hydropower projects in hard to reach areas in the country.

2. Strengthen the solar PV sector through supporting the organization and development of a self-sustaining solar energy umbrella body (the Uganda Solar Energy Association – USEA) that will effectively represent solar energy business interests and complement Government initiatives towards voluntary compliance with technical standards for supply and installation of solar energy products.

3. Scale up the number of skilled/certified individuals in electrical installation works.