Applications & Submissions

Applications & Submissions

1) Where can I find the application form?

2) The submission form indicates that business plans, previous year financial statements etc. as not mandatory, do we lose anything if we don’t submit?

Submission of audited reports is only necessary for developers whose businesses have been in existence. They are only relevant to projects that have developed this information. No applicant will lose anything by attaching any additional information considered relevant to the project.


3) Can you submit supporting documents to your application after the deadline for submission?

Applications submitted past the deadline will not be considered.

4) Can you start the application process and return back to it later?

Yes. The START Submission form is in Microsoft word version and one can always save their work and return to it later.


5) Can an organization submit more than one proposal?

No. We urge applicants to focus on one high quality proposal instead of submitting several. 

6) In what language should the application be completed?

The application should be completed in English. Proposals submitted in other languages will be rejected.


7) What’s the timeframe from close of call for proposal to final selection?

After the close of submissions, it will take approximately one month for long listing and two months for short listing. At each stage from submission, applicants will be updated on the status of their applications.

8) Is it possible to get feedback if my project is rejected?

START facility team will provide feedback to all applicants, successful and unsuccessful at all stages of evaluation.

9) How many projects will START facility select for support during each cycle?

This will depend on the applications that meet the criteria and how advanced they are according to the project development life cycle.  

10) How long does it take from project preparation and development to project financing?

Getting to financial closure is heavily reliant on the project developer providing accurate and reliable information required through the due diligence process. Technical Assistance is to support the project developer identify and if possible remove obstacles during the project development and financing phases of the project for the project to be commercially viable and investment ready.