Business Development Services

Business development services [BDS] involves training, technical assistance, coaching, mentoring and a whole array of other services designed to help an aspiring entrepreneur start, sustain or grow his business; as well as an already existing entrepreneur. The PSFU business development function has engaged a capacity building unit to support Business Development Services, and a number of approaches are available to PSFU Membership & all external stakeholders as stated below;

The purpose of capacity building is to improve skills, improve productivity, leadership and good corporate governance among others as indicated below; 

  • Training and Business Development Support 
  • Business Counseling 
  • Business Advisory Support 
  • Sector Specific advice and Guidance 
  • Support in Development of Feasibility Studies 
  • Business Plan Development 
  • Strategic/ Corporate Planning Support 
  • Business Research 
  • Business profiling 
  • Business Diagnostics
  • Change Management and restructuring