Policy Advocacy

Through the policy and advocacy program, PSFU continuously engages in policy dialogue at national and international level.

 PSFU is involved in extensive consultations and stakeholder engagements, enhanced research and analysis, improved policy dialogue with various partners and increased participation in various foras including; budget sector working groups; the Presidential Investors’ Roundtable (PIRT) East African Community (EAC) engagements, Prime Ministers’ Forum, Presidential Economic Council (PEC) and other stakeholder engagements. Through these foras, a lot has been achieved including;
  1. Strengthened Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  2. Improved Government response to key Private Sector concerns
  3. Increased interest, awareness and participation by the Private Sector in national, regional and global trade issues and negotiations.
  4. Local and regional recognition in Uganda Government and other Countries like; Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Southern Sudan and Development Partners).


  1. Platform for Action 2018
  2. Private Sector Analysis (New)
  3. Chaiman’s Remarks at the Post Budget Luncheon (New)
  4. Private Sector Proposals for the National Budget (New)
  5. Private Sector Report of the 13th Northern Corridor Summit held in Kampala (New)
  6. Joint Report of the Minister & Private Sector at the 13th NCIP Summit held in Kampala 
  7. State of the Economy July 2015 
  8. National Workshop on Agriculture Financing Models 
  9. Public Private Partnership (PPP) Training 
  10. Climate Change issues affecting Agriculture 
  11. Private Sector Policy Proposals for the National Budget 2015/16 
  12. Brief Report of the Meeting on Standardisation held in Berlin 
  13. Breakfast meeting with UNFFE 
  14. 2015 National Seed Event 
  15. Budget Presentations during PSFU Post Budget Lucheon 2014
  16. Key Critical issues from Budget 
  17. Budget Framework Paper 2013/14 
  18. EAC Gazette 
  19. PSFU Vice Chairpersons Speech at the Post Budget Lucheon 
  20. PSFU Analysis on Budget 2013/14 
  21. M7 on Budgt Day 
  22. Budget Speech 2013/14 
  23. Comments on the MTIC Policy Statement 
  24. Platform for Action 2012 
  25. Platform2011 – Finance II
  26. Private Sector Platform March 2010
  27. PSFU Luganda platform final artwork
  28. EABC meets President Museveni 
  29. Budget Speech 2012
  30. PSFU Post Budget Lucheon (Chairman’s Speech 2012 )