Consultancy Opportunity: To design, develop, deploy a Private Sector Corruption Reporting Facility

  • Private Sector Foundation Uganda


Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), ENABEL and the European Union (EU) have partnered to engage in public-private sector dialogue aimed at overcoming crucial bottlenecks to investment and private sector growth under the Sustainable Business for Uganda (SB4U) Platform. PSFU is implementing the Skills and Governance and Anti-corruption Programme code named SG+ project, whose main objective is “To help make Uganda's business environment more conducive to inclusive and green investments through increasing the supply of qualified workers, establishing private sector led initiatives to fight corruption and strengthening the private-public sector dialogue”.

In the ‘EU-Uganda Roadmap to Improved Investment climate’ in Uganda, corruption was identified by both Ugandan and EU private sector actors as a major obstacle to investment and private sector growth in Uganda. The Governance and Anti-corruption Component seeks to enhance Governance and curb corruption in businesses across four inter-related pillars: 1) Procurement, 2) Digitalization and Data Integration, 3) Corporate Governance and 4) the implementation of Corruption reporting mechanisms.

A private sector Corruption Reporting Facility (CRF) was proposed as one of the interventions. The CRF will function as management information system for gathering and reporting corruption related issues affecting domestic and foreign businesses. The system/Facility will provide structured information on the type, nature, categories and magnitude cases/extent of practices and who are involved (both public and private entities) in a confidential manner, ensuring the identities of the reporting individuals and companies are safeguarded. The information gathered will be analyzed, summarized and used by the private sector; as evidence to inform and engage in dialogue as well as lobby with Government of Uganda and other stakeholders for the necessary actions or reforms aimed at contributing to minimize corruption and its impact on businesses and investments in Uganda.

PSFU is in the process of developing the CRF and desirous of procuring a qualified and competent firm (with a combination of skill set) to develop the system based on a well-defined framework, design and clear products.

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