Ugandans Told to Treat Counterfeit Goods with Contempt

Ugandans Told to Treat Counterfeit Goods with Contempt


 On Thursday, 16th August, The Anti-Counterfeit Network (ACN) in partnership with Private Sector Foundation Uganda hosted CEOs, Legal and Corporate A­ffairs Directors and Brand Protection Agencies to the 1st CEO Structured Dialogue to discuss the effect of counterfeits on the economy and to chart a way forward for Uganda. This dialogue was hosted at Kampala Serena Hotel.

The dialogue aimed at identifying and devising as well as bridging intervention gaps that enable proliferation of counterfeit.

Under the theme “finding solutions to the counterfeit problem”, the dialogue was designed to allow Civil Societies, brand owners, regulators, customs and commercial diplomacy leaders to submit and present meaningfully addresses to the topic. The prevalence of counterfeit products, services and sub culture in Uganda and the region is a growing threat to genuine business, foreign direct investment, employment and the public health

Mr. Patrick Bitature during the dialogue stated that all Ugandans must reject counterfeit goods if this fight is to be meaningful. We must stop treating this counterfeit issue as a simple & normal issue, and yet it’s a cancer that is eating up our economy.

“Counterfeits affect all of us; it affects the private sector, the government and everyone globally. We cannot leave the fight against them to only government, this needs our combined efforts.” Said Mr. Bitature

2018 Counterfeit Resolutions:

As the private sector we need to support the implementation of these interventions aimed at combating the counterfeit menace;

Legislation: Strengthen intellectual Property, Anti-counterfeiting, standards and other related laws so as to create an effective, robust clear and harmonized legal regime.

Regulation: Ensure that regulatory bodies account for their statutory mandate and act in concert with each other to ensure coordinated and systematic implementation of anti-counterfeit and/or standard related laws

Enforcement: Building effective, consistent and multi-agency investigation and enforcement capacity with the understanding that illicit trade is organized and swift crime

Technology: Ensure the development, sourcing and deployment of technology to assist Government, Businesses and Consumers to trace and monitor counterfeit and illicit goods in order to inform decision making

Communication: Sensitization and benchmarking of best practices through mass communication campaigns, dialogues, competitions, trainings of all stakeholders in order to deter consumption of and trade of counterfeits and substandard goods

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