Uganda Insurers Association overall winner at the Private Sector Dev’t Awards

Uganda Insurers Association overall winner at the Private Sector Dev’t Awards

We hosted the 7th Private Sector Development Awards on Thursday, 14th September at the Royal Suites, Bugolobi. The purpose of the award is to promote good governance, association management, leadership, corporate social investment, innovation and women economic empowerment within the private sector.

The award is intended to motivate good business practices by recognizing those doing well and encourage the entire private sector to be responsive to good governance.

All registered businesses or professional associations, community development groups, cooperatives or any form of network groups and companies were eligible to participate in the nomination process according to the various categories.

Nine (9) Government agencies were selected on the basis of the services they offer to the private sector, and Uganda Registration Services Bureau emerged the winner under this category

PSFU constituted a secretariat with the mandate of the Panel of Judges to score the selected nominations, and held interviews to further assess the nominees’ capability in aspects like Governance, Innovation, Impact of CSR activities, Measurement of CSR impact, Ability to influence other private sector players in the same industry.

“I’m intrigued by the business champions for young children – corporate companies investing their resources to improve the health, education, and safety of children is encouraging. Investing in children is a top priority for Government.” Stated Hon Minister of State for Trade Hon Michael Werikhe.

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