Trade Development

PSFU spearheads the articulation of private sector trade policy concerns with the objective of enhancing private sector participation in regional and international trade.
The mandate under the trade development program has been realized by;

  1. Building an effective consultative mechanism;
  2. Ensuring private sector participation in national, regional and international trade forums;
  3. Informing the private sector on developments in regional and international trade;
  4. Undertaking trade related research.


  1.  Joint Communique for the 13th Northern Corridor Intergration Projects 
  2. Update from the EAC Region 
  3. EAC -Single Customs Territory Malaba- Report
  4. EAC- Single Customs Territory Lira – Report 
  5. Newsletter EAC Single Customs Territory -Newsletter – Malaba

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 EAC Integration Process

  1. EAC Gazette 2014
  2. EAC Gazette
  3. East Africa Monitory Union Protocal
  4. EAC Common Market Protocal
  5. EAC Customs Union Protocol
  6. EAC Political Federation
  7. EAC Treaty