Private Sector statement on the budget strategy 2019/20

Private Sector statement on the budget strategy 2019/20

The Government has been urged to adopt strategies to improve efficiency in budget performance. This call was made by stakeholders from private, public and civil society organisations who were hosted by Ministry of Finance at Kampala Serena Hotel on Thursday, 13th September 2018

Currently, at the top of private sector’s concern are the effects of political activities both within the Country and in the region, such as South Sudan which have to a large extent constrained private sector investment decisions.

“When the economy is stable and growing almost at 6% the intensity and prevalence of poverty is growing at 25.8% and 9.8% in the rural and urban areas respectively. This puzzle must be addressed because then it shows that the Country is still lagging behind in job creation. The celebrated growth is not translating into income and hence purchasing power for the bigger part of our population.” Said Gideon Badagawa, Executive Director PSFU

Hon. Matia Kasaija, the Finance Minister, said the 2019/20 budget strategy will seek to consolidate and enhance interventions that have been implemented over the last few years. He said the strategic focus, therefore, remains in achieving industrialization based on agriculture and mineral potential to ensure inclusive growth and the creation of jobs.

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