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InternationaL Trade Facilitation Expo 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 04 June 2016 00:00


THEME: “Boosting SME Competitiveness through Trade Facilitation and Business Linkage support to Spur Growth”
Small and Medium-Enterprises (SMEs) are often praised as the economic and employment backbone of thriving economies as well as the driving force for innovation and value added production. SMEs are also the world's largest potential source of jobs, It is estimated that there are 800,000 SMEs in Uganda providing employment and income generating opportunities to low income sectors of the economy.  To capitalize on that, we must first build the capacity to export and trade. SMEs are faced with challenges such as: Lack working capital, human resource development, Lack of skills, lack of financial records and accounting systems, research and innovation and lack of capacity to meet standards required to compete in the current regional and international markets.
 SMEs   have to keep up with new requirements stemming from the ever-closer integration among value chains multinational lead firms and their suppliers. SMEs need information, financial means and skills to integrate into these supply chains.  Besides finance which plays a crucial role to enhance enterprise development to overcome the constraints that could impede their access to financial resources there is need for support by effective information dissemination systems.
 PSFU being the apex of the private sector, and its major mandate being to build capacity and provide a forum for the discussion of policy issues and further dialogue with government, has organized the Trade/SME week with the major objective of disseminating information to the private sector to identify solutions and opportunities when linked with multinationals how best to build the synergies and boost the SMEs to become more competitive and capture the upcoming regional and international markets.
Objectives of the 2017 event:
1. To identify methods of accessing cheap finance
2. To access market information  and consultation services
3. To  understand the quality standards required to access markets
4. To identify  and suggest means to curb the skill gaps
5. To sensitise the private sector about the NTBs that limit their full potential in doing businesses
The activity is expected to achieve the following:
1. 7000 Business persons and SMEs participate in the facilitation processes
2. At least 50 business incubations 
3. 60 % of the Business persons who attend demonstrate improvement of knowledge on trade facilitating activities
4. A number of brands to recognized
5. Increased open dialogue among the SMEs
6. Creation of synergies between SMEs and multinational companies
Expected participants 
This planned event is targeting the following to participate and benefit from:
1. Business: 7000 persons are expected to attend the event which will focus on workshops in the mornings and exhibitions in the afternoons.
2. Trade Facilitators: This will be mainly from;
Government Ministries- MTIC, MAAF, MEACA, MOFPED, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of ICT
Government Agencies- UIRI,UEPB,UNBS,URSB, UIA, URA, NEMA, UCC, UDA, BoU, Enterprise Uganda etc
3. Service providers: Consultants, Insurance, Banking, major companies, logistics and transport providers, UMEME.
4. PSFU Member Associations and individual SMEs
5. KACITA traders
 The Key sessions shall include the following;
1. Minister of Trade, Industry & Cooperatives forum where SMEs will be able to dialogue with the Minister on issues affecting them
2. Training on Financial Literacy for SMEs that need the support
3. Banking Gallery – face to face with the bankers 
4. One to One Sessions with the Business support providers
5. How to access the Agricultural Funds
6. Understanding the mechanisms of the PSFU Matching Grant
7. Transforming the ordinary Salary earner into an effective business owner/SME. Testimonies from salary earners who are successfully running private businesses
8. Agro Business, as a business option
9. How business associations are contributing to SME growth 
10. Mobile Money and Internet services
11. Learn more about Shares, Stocks from the experts
12. Managing a Family Business
13. Social Media and how it can transform your business

The Event is expected to take place from 26th -28th July 2016 at UMA Main Exhibition Hall Lugogo. 

Book your stall today with Ms. Eve Ekanya on the address below. 

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Ms. Eve Ekanya
Private Sector Foundation Uganda
Plot 43 Nakasero Road
P.O BOX 7683 Kampala
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