Ministry of Finance releases Ush 4 trillion

Ministry of Finance releases Ush 4 trillion

The Finance Ministry has released Ush 4.3 trillion to the central and local Governments for the first quarter of the financial year 2018/19 and has cautioned both to ensure transparency and accountability of the resources for effective service delivery.

“In line with the Ministry’s commitment to release funds before the 10th day of the first quarter, our ministry communicated the expenditure limits for Quarter One on July 5 for Central and Local Governments to ensure timely execution of government programmes,” Mr Keith Muhakanizi said at the Ministry of Finance.

Mr Muhakanizi also warned accounting officers against accumulating arrears through cancellation of Local Purchase Orders (LPOs) and issuing new ones for other activities, which he said leads to non-payment of services providers and crowding them out of business.
“With effect from FY 2018/19, the Accountant General will grant the authority to approve and cancel LPOs. Accordingly, any Accounting Officer who wishes to have any LPO cancelled will first seek approval from the Accountant General or myself with justifiable reasons,” he said.
The Treasury also announced that with effect from FY2018/2019, procurement of air ticket will be made directly from respective airlines as guided by the cabinet to eliminate arrears for travel companies.



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