Global Peace Leadership Conference 2018

Global Peace Leadership Conference 2018

Uganda is hosting the Global Peace Leadership Conference 2018 from 1st to 3rd August 

The three day strategic high level summit will build consensus on response towards pressing regional and international challenges guided by a shared vision, principles, aspirations, and an innovative values based approach to improving the economy, education, security, leadership at all levels of society, youth productivity, and women empowerment as well as address community development needs.

The conference will run from August 1st – 3rd at Commonwealth Resort Hotel Munyonyo.

The promotes a model of moral and innovative leadership to bridge ethnic, racial and religious divides and tap the power of human creativity to uphold and achieve the promise of world of peace. log on and register.

The conference will run under the theme, “Moral and Innovative Leadership (New Models for Sustainable Peace and Development)”

It will attract the participation of Heads of State, First Ladies, Religious leaders, Cultural leaders, Entrepreneurs, Youth, Innovators, Women, Community organisers, Development partners, Celebrities, Teachers, Policy makers, Media, Environmentalists and Civil Society Organisations.

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