Gender equality in 2030: Transformations and opportunities for the business world.

Gender equality in 2030: Transformations and opportunities for the business world.

The Ugandan Team represented at the 4th Global Forum, in Chile led by PSFU Executive Director Gideon Badagawa. Constituted by UNDP and representatives from the Private sector.

Over 400 Development leaders, entrepreneurs and Government representatives gathered in Santiago, Chile from 26th February to 1st March 2018, to share ideas and discuss What must governments, the business sector and trade unions do to make this dream of Gender Equality a reality

The gathering – organized by the Chilean government and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in partnership with the ILO and UN Women – highlighted the importance of gender equality in the private sector.

One solution that was highlighted on the agenda is the UNDP-supported Gender Equality Seal program, a unique initiative that certifies companies that have eliminated pay gaps, increased the number of women in decision-making positions, and worked to end sexual harassment on the job.

Today, some of UNDP-certified companies in Uganda are leading the way in building a more balanced global workforce. For example, Hostalite Uganda led by Mr. Dickson Mushabe who represented too at the Forum shared his story how he increased number of female employees and he testifies that the decisions made by the female employees have boosted productivity and creativity at Hostalite Uganda.

Private Sector Foundation Uganda in partnership with UNDP-Uganda has to-date mobilised in total 41 companies to sign on to the Gender Equality Seal Certification programme. We are certain that this programme will enable them bring more efficiency, sustainability and productivity amongst the companies.

“PSFU is working with UNDP to eliminate marginalization, deprivation and prejudice against women in our workplace environments. Therefore, we encourage more companies to register and sign up with us on this programme so we can help them improve their work environments”. Said, Gideon Badagwa, Executive Director, PSFU

Our focus as PSFU is to support all efforts towards;

  1. Elimination of gender-based pay gaps for equal work
  2. Eliminating Sexual harassment and the use of sexist communication in workplace environments
  3. Women nurtured, mentored into positions of leadership and management at all levels Private companies.
  4. Promoting work life balance and providing for flexi hours especially for women raising children even after maternity leave.

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