Upcoming Phase 3 of the ERT program

The Energy for Rural Transformation (ERT) program is a Government of Uganda (GOU) and World Bank Program whose purpose is the improvement of incomes and quality of lives in rural areas. The (ERT) program commenced in 2003 and two phases have been implemented to date, Phase 1 having ended in December 2009 while phase 2 is scheduled to end on 30th June 2016.The ERT program is managed by a Project Coordination Unit based at Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development. Since commencement of ERT program, Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) has been one of the implementing agencies, providing various business development support services to private sector players engaged in renewable energy business.
Phase 3 of the ERT Program

The Government of Uganda (GOU) and World Bank approved Phase 3 of the ERT program and it is scheduled to begin in April 2016. PSFU has again been selected to participate as one of the implementing agencies. Phase 3 is a five year project and its development objective is to increase access to electricity in rural areas.

The project components include on grid and off-grid investments to enhance energy access. PSFU will contribute to achievement of off grid energy access by providing business development support to activities that will;

i.    Foster community-based schemes to expand access to the rural households (Six Pico /Micro hydropower projects to be constructed)
ii.    Strengthen the solar PV sector (promotion of organization and self regulation among the solar business)
iii.    Scale up the number of skilled/certified individuals and competent companies in electrical installation works.

Uganda Clean Cooking Supply Chain Expansion Project (UCCSCEP)
The UCCSCEP project is a US$2.2million Project aiming to i) Expand access to and adoption of cleaner and more efficient cooking solutions, ii)reduce household air pollution and related burdens ii) reduce household consumption and expenditure for biomass cooking fuels. The funding will be provided by World Bank in form of a grant to the Government of Uganda. Part of the grant will be used towards the Distribution Challenge Fund (DCF)
Distribution Challenge fund (DCF)

The CDF funds will help scale up market penetration of cleaner and more efficient cook stoves in Uganda by supporting the producers and distributors of cooking stoves. This will be achieved through competitively obtaining grant funds for startup working capital, Inventory replenishment, consumer engagement and formation of strategic partnerships between local and international manufacturers. PSFU will be to administer the disbursement of the grant. The project target is 200,000 cook stoves. It is expected that the project will commence in May 2016
Project status
In preparation for commencement of the project, request for Expression of Interest was made and 6 applicants have been selected to proceed to the next stage of call for proposals. The selection of four (4) successful applicants will be made in May 2016.

 Links to key partners

  1. www.worldbank.org
  2. www.rea.or.ug
  3. www.energyandminerals.go.ug
  4. www.reeep.org